Haze V3 Vaporizer Review


The vapes-for-reviews-1051Haze V3 is the Swiss Army Knife of vaporizers! It does it all and it does it amazingly. concentrates, herbs, and oils, the V3 turns your material of choice into vapor with an array of accessories, screens and add-ons, there is something for everyone. If MacGyver vaped on his missions, he would likely choose the V3 for it’s all-in-one performance.

There’s nothing hazy about the Haze V3’s performance or vapor production but it surly delivers hazy effects! I would argue that this vaporizer is one of the best Dual Purpose vaporizers out today that I’ve tried, thanks to it’s compact size, impressive battery life, array of features and accessories, it’s tough design/construction and of course for it’s ability to vaporize dry goods as well as it vaporizes concentrates.

Features and Specifications

  • Conduction based heat
  • New temperature precise regulator
  • Patented heat-exchange mechanism, for cool vapor output
  • Mouthpiece conveniently can be used at any level (Glass or Staivapes-for-reviews-1056nless Steel)
  • Worlds first and only dual bowl vaporizer on the market (patented feature)
  • can use dry herbs and/or oil and wax interchangeably.
  • External Lithium Ion battery with great battery life. Impact resistant and durable battery latch
  • Built tough and can withstand the weight of a motorcycle
  • Inner housing surface designed with high temperature resistant, reinforced fiberglass material
  • ISO/water resistant exterior
  • Light weight and discreet
  • 4 different temperature settings (365F, 380F, 390F and 415F)
  • 10 year warranty
  • 3.2 inches x 3 inches x 0.8 inches
  • Weight with battery:  200 g


Design and Construction


Tvapes-for-reviews-1053he V3’s design is compact, comfortable, practical, effective and durable. It’s unique shape feels equally well in your hand as it does in your pocket with it’s “curved” sides that hug you securely. Overall, the Haze feels very solid and reliable with it’s impact resistant battery latch to it’s re-enforced inner housing that can apparently withstand the weight of a motorcycle! It’s everything as portable vaporizer should be without all the nonsense and it’s a vape I can count on to deliver the goods. Haze even offers a 10 year warranty, which is pretty amazing and I believe it can definitely last that long with average maintenance.


vapes-for-reviews-916When you hold the V3 in your hand, you will most likely agree that it’s pretty bullet proof and quite possibly, literally bullet proof! Solid materials and solid construction make for a solid vape with little slop or rattling parts. The V3 is almost entirely plastic with the exception of a few key metal parts and the high temperature resistant, reinforced fiberglass material of the inner housing. The top and bottom of the device are in fact metal and it provides a quality feel and also balances the device nicely. It holds well in your hand and the curved sides make it comfortable to hold. The exterior is ISO and water resistant so clean-up is easy and worry free, unlike some vaporizers and parts I’ve cleaned in the past that have discolored, warped and faded with ISO.

I’m glad to see Haze has beefed up areas of high stress and areas that move, which are potential breakage and failure areas, especially the battery latch and the chamber door / hinge. I would rather have a metal chamber door and hinge but it’s still plenty tough. The chamber door feels a little sloppy and loose, so a tighter fit would be nice and / or a spring would be a great addition to hold the chamber door open while loading / unloading / cleaning because it always flops shut. I liked the “web” like design of this door and it gives it an interesting look as well as keeping it cool in your hand with a heat-sink like effect. The chamber door Latch is ok but it’s another area they could have improved and made it vapes-for-reviews-924lock or less flimsy but it does the job and stays shut, although a magnetic lock would be nice instead. The removable / replaceable chamber seals are very nice and they attach to the chamber door with a layer of Silicone, so not only does it keep the chambers nice and sealed, it also keeps it insulated. It would be cool and practical if you had a Glass window on the chamber door above the chambers to see what’s in there, to watch the vapor and keep your chambers straight. The back side of the device also actually pops open like the chamber door, so you can even get behind that if need be.

I also wish they had done something different with the chamber selector lever that’s not super smooth and it’s an area that seems pretty complex, so a lot could go wrong, especially since you will be using it at least twice every session to turn ON / OFF the device.

-Controls / Interface

vapes-for-reviews-1080The V3 is easy to operate and adjust it’s temperature. Basically, just move the chamber selector lever to one side or the other to select your chamber and doing so, turns on the unit and it starts heating immediately to. To change your temperature, just hit the top button ( temperature selector button ) and notice the LED’s on the front;  1 LED for 365F, 2 LED for 380F, 3 LED for 390F and all 4 LED for 415F. The LED’s are nice and bright enough but the chamber door’s holes don’t line up perfectly with the LED’s, so some are slightly more covered than others and I thought they could have made that look a little nicer. You have 4 temperatures to choose from: ( 365F, 380F, 390F and 415F ) where you can vape dry material on all 4 temperatures and 390F and 415F are best suited for concentrates, although I get vapor on all 4 using concentrates, even temp. 1 but it’s definitely thin and wispy.

The design of the controls is simply and straightforward but its not perfect. I would rather have the chamber selector lever just select the chamber and not turn ON / OFF the device. I like to clear my vapor paths a few times after my session to get all the vapor and to help keep it from collecting during cool down but if you have to push the mouthpiece down and return the chamber selector lever which prevents you from taking a draw. Sometimes I’ll take out the battery just so I can leave the mouthpiece up and take some draws after the session to clear it out and then close it all up and then re-insert the battery. It could be an improvement to have the temperature selector button also turn ON / OFF the device by holding it for a few seconds or something. I’m not a huge fan of moving parts and electronics like that lever because they tend to wear or break with all the moving back and fourth. The chamber selector lever also rotates the actual vapor path, which simultaneously closes one chamber off to the vapor path and opens the other up. It’s a pretty ingenious design and it seems to do a good job sealing the right chamber for vaping.

-Heater / vapes-for-reviews-926Chambers

I am a “can” fan! I really like the Haze chamber design and they don’t have your traditional chamber shape but they provide perfect, even heating no matter how much material you use or what material you use. These chambers are separated by an internal wall and insulation, so the other chamber stays cool during use and despite being so close, I was surprised how cool the other chamber stayed. The chambers are both identical Stainless Steel “trenches” with a hole in the bottom where fresh air enters, a hole in one side where the vapor exits and a Stainless Steel / Silicone top that seals them tightly. The unique shape provides amazingly even heat from top to bottom, side to side with no hot / cold spots and no stirring required. I believe the heat comes from the sides of the chamber where the top and bottom are not electrically / directly heated. I’m not sure how the heat is produced around the chambers, whether it’s an Element incased in Ceramic or something else but it seems pretty efficient with a fairly fast heat up time and the amount of sessions you can get from a single 18650 battery. Also, from what I understood while watching one of the first Haze videos, fresh enters the device alongside the vapor path, which helps cool the vapor that is exiting the device and at the same time, this fresh air entering is slowly heating from passing alongside the vapor path as well, so that adds a slight Convection Heat to the mix.

Svapes-for-reviews-1073ome vapes claim “Dual Purpose” like the Haze but I don’t think any of them do both, as good as the Haze and as easily as the Haze with the exception of the Sidekick. The Sidekick vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes is on the same level as the Haze in terms of ease of use, efficiency and ability to vape both mediums. Most vapes usually require wicks, steel pads or  extreme heat to get good vapor but the Haze makes it effortless and the V3’s can pre-pack system is about as easy and mess free as you can get, they don’t require wicks or pads and they just really work. I also love that you have some variety between the way you load and use your Haze and you can choose from; “Conduction screens” that are open on two sides and offer more Conduction Heat, “Convection screens” which is basically a rectangular screen basket with screen on all sides but the top and offer less Conduction Heat  and finally, the “cans” that offer pre-pack abilities, less mess and a contained load inside a Stainless Steel can. Whether you prefer to use the screens and load the chamber that way or use the cans and pre-pack, there’s something for everyone and you will get results. I prefer the cans and find them the most convenient for on the go use, provide excellent vapor and even heating and they keep the device super clean. The cans are a contained unit with a “sheet screen” that drops on top and a tab holds it in place with holes on the top and on one side that faces the vapor path. A track for the can’s top screen to slide into could be an improvement over the tab system that sometimes likes to pop off but they really work just fine. The concentrate can features the same base as the dry material can but instead has a Silicone top that specially designed to allow air flow and prevent leakage. I never had a problem with concentrates running out but I used very small amounts. I think these dry / concentrate cans are the best design I’ve come across for all materials and that make vaping anything easy and less messy without having to use steel pads that get dirty after one use or wicks that are good for one use etc but the cans can just be wiped out while still hot and they will taste and work as good as the first time.vapes-for-reviews-1054

-Mouthpiece / Vapor Path

vapes-for-reviews-1040The Haze V3 has a very nice, comfortable mouthpiece and you can choose between Stainless Steel or Glass. I haven’t noticed a huge difference between the two materials but I would say the Glass may have slightly better flavor but the Stainless Steel seems to maybe have a slightly smoother draw. I still prefer the Stainless Steel most of the time but I do really like the feel of the Glass. The mouthpiece can be adjusted to any height, so you can have it short and discreet, fully extended for slightly cooler hits or anywhere in-between. The new design of the mouthpiece tip allows users to more easily grab it and extended it that the old version that was smooth but I wish they had a washer or “handle” around the mouthpiece, so you could grab that, rather than touch the very end where you will be inhaling from, especially if you have dirty fingers. I do really like that it stores away inside the body for portability and cleanliness but I wish you could keep it extended with the unit Off to clear the vapor path but the design does not allow that with the battery in place. The mouthpiece appears to have a seal near the top that holds it in place at any level and I haven’t noticed any stickiness after I’ve used the device for awhile but apparently that was an issue in their prior model, so I’d say they did a good job fixing that.

The vapor path is very easy to access and clean. There’s really only one short path where the mouthpiece sits inside and that appears to be Stainless Steel. Other than the main tube where the mouthpiece sits inside, you really only have two other really short portions of vapor path, only a few mm long each and they lead directly out of the chambers and into the main tube or vapor path. _dsc0049-8

It’s hard to tell exactly the fresh air enters the device but I believe it must either enter around the hinge of the chamber door or possibly from the top or bottom of the unit, along the vapor path main tube. The Haze features a “Heat Exchange” system for cool vapor output, which basically cools the hot vapor exiting the device with cool fresh air entering and at the same time, it’s heating up that cool fresh air from the hot vapor, adding a slight Convection to the chamber. The fresh air then enters the chambers through the bottom hole in the chambers, then your screen or can and into the short mm long chamber vapor paths and into the main tube, and finally into the mouthpiece itself. The

-Battery / Charger

The Haze V3 has a great battery system and I love that it’s removable / replaceable and that it has great battery life, quite amazing battery life. I can usually get around 7-10 sessions with the Haze V3, which is better than most of my other portable vapes with the exception of the Inhalator 05/06, the Mighty and the CFX, which all are comparable to the Haze’s battery life. EVERY portable vaporizer should have a removable battery, it allows you to always have a back-up, enables you to bring a vape on extended outings like camping and it allows you to change the battery when it inevitably looses capacity.

vapes-for-reviews-1041The unit comes with (2x) 2600 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, although you can purchase Extended Life (XL) batteries at 3200 mAh Li-Ion, which are one of the largest size 18650 batteries available and they provide 35% more session time. Both batteries come with a built-in PCB protection circuit, which prevents over discharge and extends the batteries life and they say to only use the Haze external charger for charging. I really wish they offered a Pass-Through system on the V3 for use while charging but you’ll most likely be using this device on the go, so not a big deal.

The Haze external charger is very nice and features: a Stainless Steel plate that provides a strong connection and quick charge, allows you to charge both 2 batteries at once and it also indicates their charge level with 3 LED’s. In addition to the AC port, this charger features another port for use in a car with the included car charging cable. It takes approximately 4 hours to charge Haze batteries and a Microcomputer IC controls the charging process to make sure that the battery is fully charged and prevents overcharging. The charger will automatically stop if the battery or charger temperature elevates to high levels due to environmental temperature increase. This charger is worldwide compatible and it also functions as a power source for all USB-plug devices, such as smartphones, tablets but a USB cable is not included.



The Haze is easy to use:

  1. Choose between Convection screen, Conduction screen or the cans and load your material
  2. Place loads in chambers, note which chamber has what and latch the chamber door. If your using the cans, make sure the opening are facing the correct direction, towards the hole in the side of the chamber
  3. Move the chamber selector lever to choose chamber and turn on the device. Push the lever towards the back for the Empty Circle or the upper chamber. Pull the lever forward to select the Solid Circle or the lower chamber.
  4. Press temperature button to cycle through the 4 Temperatures ( 365F, 380F, 390F and 415F )
  5. Raise the mouthpiece to your preferred height
  6. Wait for the LED to stop flashing and Inhale

I found the Haze to be very easy to use with no problem getting thick vapor. This is a vape I can hand to a friend or anyone who isn’t experienced with vaporizers and they will get great vapor and a great effects, which cannot be said about all portable vaporizers. Things are pretty straight forward using the Haze, so there isn’t a whole lot of tricks to get going but occasionally, I ran into some issues such as selecting the wrong chamber or a chamber without any material in it at times or starting a session and not being able to reach temperature or finish the session because my battery would die because there isn’t a good Battery level indicator, so sometimes you just have guess or always carry a spare for back-vapes-for-reviews-1002up. You will get a Red LED if your battery is really low and the LED’s will be dimmer as well but usually by then it’s too late and your not gonna have enough power for a session.

Another thing that I have an issue with, is the fact that you cant clear the vapor path after a session with the device off, unless you take out the battery. You need to pack the mouthpiece away and return the lever in order to turn OFF the device, which also prevents you from using the mouthpiece to clear lingering vapor in the vapor path. This isn’t a huge deal as the vapor path is very short but I really like to clear my vapes just, so the excess vapor doesn’t collect as much and things stay fresher longer.

After a session, open the chamber door to expose the chambers and use the tweezers to help pull the screens or cans out without burning yourself and give them a quick brush and your good to go for the next session.

I think everything seemed to work as it should and I never really had a problem with a sticky mouthpiece, can getting stuck or any malfunction. The Haze V3 is definitely a vape I can rely on and even though it may not always be my first choice, it’s always a vape I bring along, especially on extended outings, as a back-up because I know it’s going to perform and perform well, no matter what.

-Vaporization/Vapor Quality

_dsc0819-2As with most Conduction based vaporizers like the Haze, these vaporizers put out thick vapor that’s typically cooler than Convection based vaporizers and the flavor can be amazing, especially at first but I typically find that it tends to fade quicker than Convection vapes whose flavor lasts longer. With that being said, the V3 is a top Conduction vaporizer. I still prefer the vapor from Convection vaporizers more often because of the flavor, greater control of vapor quality / production, less rushing because it’s not always heating your material but Conduction has it’s own advantages over Convection as well.

The Vapor production and quality from this vape is quite amazing, which is the most important part of any vaporizer besides safe construction materials and design. I always had good, clean and pure vapor that was never mucked up with any plastic or off taste. It’s vapor is easily on par with my top portable vapes, the Crafty and Mighty and in some ways it surpassed them and other ways it fell a little short. Where the Haze shines, is in it’s efficient extractions, even heat and dense vapor with just a puff. No need for swimmers’ lungs or long inhalations, just puff on it like a Cigar and viola, vapor! You can also throw a whole nag in a can and it will vape it, much more so than if you tried that with the Crafty. It falls a little short in the flavor category, not in purity but more in the long run ,where the flavor drops off fairly quickly and towards the end of your session you get that roasty, toasty  taste, not so much on temps 1 and 2 but more so on 3 and 4. It’s constantly heating your material so vapor is constantly being produced whether you inhale or not which is a huge reason why flavor dissipates quicker. Don’t get me wrong the flavor is still great but you sacrifice a little flavor for clouds of vapor all the time. You get a different flavor from Conduction vaporizers, its typically great, rich and full at first but eventually turns to a cooked like taste. Convection vaporizers offer a brighter flavor, sometimes less intense but it’s full and it sticks around. vapes-for-reviews-1063

The vapor itself is quite comfortable and smooth, never seemed overly hot or harsh. I prefer the lowest 2 temperatures for Dry Material and even on those lower settings but I wish the V3 offered more temperatures to really fine tune the vapor and effects. The 4 temperatures they provide do a great job covering a wide range and it’s really enough for most people but I prefer a fully adjustable temperature range. You also have some control over the vapor quality / production and you get thinner or thicker vapor by adjusting how you inhale and for how long. On temps 1 and 2, the vapor is smooth, cool, comfortable and I typically got a little vapor on the very first hit, immediately after temp was reached. Vapor got thicker and fuller with every puff / inhalation there after and you can puff on it, take a steadily inhale, it doesn’t matter, vapor practically shoots out of the Haze. I’ve never tried the Haze through water but they offer a wooden water pipe adapter that slide in place of the mouthpiece for $39, so you can use it with any water pipe, bong, bubbler etc. They also offer 2  water pipes specifically designed for the Haze and they look awesome! The Hazifier Glass Bubbler $159 and The Haze Reservoir Glass Recycler $159.

When I want to puff clouds or get medicated quickly, I grab the Haze. I had great results in vapes-for-reviews-1033all types of weather and in all temperatures too. I tested this thing in the dead of Michigan Winter and it amazed me. Even though the LED light blinked more often when it was super cold, it still kept up enough to always produce a huge hit which definitely can’t be said about all vapes. Most vapes have a problem with cold outside temperatures, they bring the vapes temp down too quickly for it to heat back up and your left with weak vapor but the Haze has a new precise temperature regulator that maintains vapor production in any condition and at any altitude according to Haze. I couldn’t test the altitude claim but I don’t doubt the V3 will deliver!

Another great aspect about the Haze is the variety and control you have over your experience even with 4 temperature settings. You can choose between; Convection screens, Conduction screens and the cans. I didn’t notice a huge difference between the 3 choices but there were subtle differences. I preferred the cans for their convenience, on the go use, keeps the vape clean, efficient and they just work really well. I also liked the Convection screen and I thought that it may have had a slightly smoother and tastier vapor than the cans but they are messier and you cant really pre-pack them like the cans. I liked the Conduction screen the least because I thought it seemed to produce the hottest and least flavorful vapor of the 3 and it may have had slight hotter spots so less even heat. Either way you go, your gonna get great vapor so it’s really a matter of preference.

Another way you can customize your experience is by using the Stainless Steel or Glass mouthpiece. I couldn’t tell a huge difference between the two but I thought that the Glass may have had a slight edge on flavor, more pure but the S.S. mouthpiece may have had cooler vapor. I preferred the S.S. most of the time, I just liked the feels and hits a little more than the Glass.

vapes-for-reviews-1087The Haze is also great with concentrates. I think it is one of the best portable vapes for concentrates, thanks to the powerful Conduction Heat and the concentrate cans. These cans make vaping concentrates easy and relatively mess free because you don’t need and steel pads, wicks or exposed coils. Just put a rice grain size of your favorite concentrate in the can and seal it with the Silicone lid or use the dry material screens for traditional extracts or dryer extracts. You can get light flavor and some wispy vapor on temp 1 but I recommend temp 3 and 4 for concentrates. The vapor tastes great and you get a lot from a little material and its very efficient in that sense because some vapes require a fair amount to get some good vapor but the thoughtful design of the cans makes it very efficient. I prefer the vapor out of this device over coil pens because its; smoother and you get a constant hit. The vapor can definitely be a little harsher than the dry material but your likely using higher temps so just puff on it and it’s perfect.


The V3 is by far one of the easiest vapes to clean and maintain. Short vapor paths and 1 or two removable parts makes it so simple and easy and if you use the cans, you don’t need to hardly ever tough the chambers because they will stay clean except for the short vapor path that leads from the chamber to the main vapor path tube/ mouthpiece tube. I’ll just pull out my mouthpiece, either Glass or S.S. and through it in some ISO along with my screens and cans, let them soak a bit and then scrub them with a brush and Q-Tip, rinse with water and dry. While all that stuff is soaking, I grab another Q-Tip and get a little ISO on the end and slowly and carefully scrub the main tube where the mouthpiece sits and repeat until I have a Q-Tip that comes out as clean as it went in. The short path from the vapes-for-reviews-1077chambers to the main tube is a little tighter, so I’ll just twist up a little paper towel with some ISO and use that to get in there. Everything else should stay clean and the outside of the device is ISO and water resistant so it’s also fine to wipe that down too. One other area to clean is the chamber seals and they can be wiped off while they’re still hot to save you time down the road and / or they can be cleaned with ISO but I just don’t recommend soaking the Silicone at all or for too long because it can discolor, fade and eventually ruin some Silicone. You can also by replacement chamber seals on their website for $5.00.


  • Extremely portable and compact
  • Durable and reliable. Great materials and design. Can withstand a motorcycles weight!
  • Dual Use: works as well with dry material as it does with concentrates
  • Amazing battery life along with a removable battery
  • Variety: screens, cans, Glass, Stainless Steel. Something for everyone
  • Dual Chamber. More convenient on the go
  • Adequate temperature range
  • Pretty fast heat-up
  • Works in all temperatures and altitudes
  • Pure, thick and flavorful vapor
  • Little draw resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 10 year warranty
  • Curved shape is comfortable in your hand and pocket
  • Great weight and balance
  • Adjustable Mouthpiece
  • 5 minute auto shut-off


  • Only 4 temperatures
  • Requires external charger
  • Cannot clear Vapor Path when unit is off with battery in place
  • Lack of a good battery indicator
  • Device gets warm and sometimes hot during use
  • LED lights don’t line up perfectly with holes in the Chamber Door


_dsc0073-7The Haze V3 is a serious vaporizer with serious features and powerful effects. I would recommend this vaporizer to anyone, people new to vaping and experienced vapers as well. It’s easy to use, maintain and you get great vapor anyway you pack it. The V3 offers users a lot of variety and accessories, even water pipes, so there is likely something for everyone. This is a vape you can rely on and it’s definitely a vape I bring on the go and especially on extended outings with its impressive battery life and the ability to carry spares for back-up. The Haze does it all, so if your into dry material, concentrates, Juice or all of them, this device can dish out the vapor no matter what your into. I think this vape delivers great, thick, comfortable and flavorful vapor that packs a punch no matter how or what you pack in those chambers. Although the Haze is a great vape, I have a few minor issues with the design of the device and I would have liked to see more temperatures and a better battery indicator. If your looking for one vape to do it all, the Haze V3 is your vape.