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Thank you for checking out my site! My name is Justin, I am a photographer and a vaporizer enthusiast, not a writer… I love vaporizers and being able to use herbs in a healthier way is exactly like; having your cake and eating it too.

The vaporizer industry is very exciting to me and I can’t believe how many different types and styles there are and they keep getting better, faster, safer and more affordable. The technology is evolving and it’s only begun but I can’t wait to see what vaporizers the future holds. I am especially interested in how these vaporizers work, what makes some better than others, the different heating methods, the designs, materials, innovations and updates. I want to fill in the parts that other reviews have left out and hopefully provide some detailed photos to along. It’s my goal to provide honest, unbiased and in-depth vaporizer reviews, as well as provide a comprehensive vaporizing resource, where you will find information on different vaporizers, tips and tricks, different types and styles or vaporizers, different heat sources, dry herbs vs. concentrates, herb strains, and much more that relates to the subject. I appreciate your patience as I iron out the kinks, this site is a work in progress and I plan to show a lot more. Here are some ideas I am working on:

  • Arizer ArGo Review
  • BNDLS Tera Review
  • Haze Square Pro Review
  • Crafty / Mighty Review
  • Digital Volcano Review
  • Herbalizer Review
  • •”Strain File” A guide that will feature many different strains of herbs along with their genetics, background, photos. Along with: the main types of herbs, dry herbs vs. concentrates, storing, curing, cooking,  history, effects, exotic strains, Landrace strains,  Cannabinoids/Terpenes/Flavonoids etc.
  • The different heating styles: Their benefits / or drawbacks (Convection vs. Conduction) Bag/ Balloon vaporizers, whip vaporizers, portable, combustion, etc.
  • Different types of herb chambers: removable vs. permanent, styles and materials, pros and cons of each, photographs, etc.
  • Grinder Comparison: Chewy Electric Grinder, Kannastor GR8TR, Cali-Crusher Homegrown, Space Case Titanium, Storz-Bickel Arcyrillic, Atmos Electric,
Thank you again and please check back soon, I will be adding so much more! Please feel free and use the form below to send questions, comments, ideas or anything.
If you have a product you would like to see reviewed, tested or photographed, please contact me using the form below.
Keep vaping,