Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Introduction

mv1 open box

Exciting news! The MV1 Vaporizer by Ghost is coming soon! Ghost is an up and coming vape company with a lot to offer and their vape, the MV1 is designed for herbs and concentrates, featuring the latest technology for an enhanced flavor experience .

This new vape is almost available for purchase, ETA is the end of August and you can reserve your vape now with no money down. There are 4 colors to choose from: Black Chrome, Satin Silver, Rose Gold, Nickel and the MV1 is $295.00.  They also have some accessories that you can reserve as well: Spare Battery $59.95, Fast Charger $59.95, Crucible Kits (x3) $19.95 (removable chambers), Cleaning Kits $9.95 and Glass Stems (x3) $24.95.

The Ghost MV1 comes with: GHOST MV1, USB cable, an accessories pack including a spare crucible with lid, a concentrate pad, 3 picks, 3 isopropyl alcohol wipes, 3 cleaning buds and a quick start guide.


If you are looking for more information, check out the vapecritics website. Bud, aka the vapecritic is currently testing and reviewing the MV1, so it’s a great place, the only place currently, to stay up to date with develops and information on the MV1. There you will find his review, photos, videos and a forum. Bud has rated the MV1 a Top Pick, 95/100! Here are the links below:

Vapecritic Website

Vapecritic Ghost Review

Vapecritic Ghost MV1 Forum

Ghost MV1 Website

Main Features and Specifications:

  • On-demand full Convection heat (5 second heat up)
  • Dual use: Herbs and Concentrates
  • Removable battery pack: Charge on the device using USB or off with the separate Fast Charger
  • Removable Ceramic Chamber (Crucible) Capacity is approx. (.12g)
  • Full Temperature Control ( 300f-470f)
  • 3 Pre-set temps for Herbs ( Low – 340f Med – 365f High – 390f  ). 1 Pre-set for Concentrates ( temp ???).  2 “locked” settings that you can set yourself with the MV1 app. 6 settings total.
  • Super long battery life ( over 100 draws on multiple temps )
  • Metal Body and Heat Sink
  • Extendable Glass Mouthpiece
  • Built to Medical standards
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Integrated app features temperature control, device locking and locating capabilities

The Ghost MV1 Vaporizer is definitely different than any other vape on the market. This is an on-demand, full Convection vaporizer! Only super heated air heats your material and only when you want it.  On-demand technology means your material will stay cool between draws, no more material degradation, no more wasted battery life and no more rushing. Other vapes available that feature on-demand Convection heat include: Grasshopper, Firefly, Firewood, MistVape Touch, Thermovape T1 / Evolution to name a few.  Not only does the MV1 offer on-demand Convection heat but it also offers full temperature control for both herbs and concentrates, something that most on-demand vapes do not offer. The GHOST MV1 has 3 fixed pre-sets for herbs and 1 for concentrates. There will also be an App which will allow you to unlock 2 favorite settings where you will be able to experiment by programming your own temperatures in to the unit from 300f and 470f. The app will also allow you to lock your vape, so no one else can use it and also allow you to find your vape if you happen to misplace it! The MV1 also features a removable battery, removable chamber ( the Crucible ), Haptic Feedback and a completely removable/cleanable vapor path.mouthpiece

The MV1 has a really interesting design and the team at Ghost has put a lot of thought into it’s design. The air intake / vapor cooling / Convection heating is especially interesting. Fresh air enters the device around the Heat Sink, which cools that as it passes by, then it flows around the Crucible where scavenges heat from that, both pre-heating the air entering the heater and simultaneously cooling the Crucible, keeping your material from over heating between draws. Next the pre-heated air enters a ceramic maze that surrounds the heater, where it passes around 2 special coil posts and into the Crucible, heating your material. This thoughtful and innovative design makes the vapor super cool, flavorful and smooth but it also means the heater / battery needs to work less because the incoming air is being heated before it reaches the heater and keep your material from being vaped in between draws. This is a huge reason why the MV1 is so different than other vapes, mainly session vapes that are always heating, always vaping your material, always draining your battery and ruining the flavor of your favorite material. Check out the diagrams below, they show the awesome design of the air and vapor paths and also the internals of the MV1. The MV1 also features almost 40 custom parts and is built to medical standards. The outer shell of the device is metal, as well as the Heat sink, so this vape won’t feel like a toy and will be built to last. ghost-mv1-convection-heater-airpath

My second favorite feature of the MV1 is definitely the removable chamber, the Crucible. The Crucible is a ceramic “pod” that holds your material, either dry herbs or concentrates (with the steel pad inserted) and has a Stainless Steel top to keep your material where it needs to be. The Crucible is inserted into the device by hitting a latch on the vape that opens a metal door where the Crucible can be easily loaded and unloaded. The removable design allows users to pre-pack Crucibles for easy and quick loading on the go or at home. Ghost also appears to be releasing a Crucible Dispenser that will hold your loaded Crucibles for added convenience.




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