Mighty and Crafty Vaporizers Review


The Volcano. Almost everyone who is into vaporization or the “culture” has heard of the Volcano vaporizer. It is the most well known vaporizer around, made famous by its Stainless Steel cone and German Quality. Storz and Bickel is the company behind the Volcano, a medical grade vaporizer and now they have released a hand held mains-operated Vaporizer The Plenty and two battery operated units, The Mighty and it’s smaller companion, The Crafty. If your unsure of where to start in the Vaporization world, look no further than Storz and Bickel, the only company you need to know if you want top quality construction, safe materials and effective vaporizers. I will be lumping the Mighty and Crafty together in this review because they really vape the same but have a few slight differences, which I will discuss.

I won’t forget the first time I tried the Volcano and I won’t forget the first time I tried the Mighty and Crafty. I purchased the Mighty first and I was amazed at the quality and feel of the device, it was unlike any portable I’ve ever tried and it still is my top portable vaporizer, along with the Crafty. My “break-in” strain was Melon Gum, a sweet hybrid that was sure to be a good test for the Mighty. I ground it up, loaded the Mighty chamber and turned on the device, waited for it to reach the factory temperature and I took a draw. I exhaled and it was better than I’ve ever known. I have never tasted vapor so good, flavorful and potent. It was almost juicy, the flavor was so intense. After a few more draws, the chamber was spent and I opened the Mighty and out dumped a neat little puck of fully vaped Melon Gum. I was immediately sold and bought the Crafty shortly after. They have been the best portables I have ever tried. Without further ado, I present the Mighty and Crafty, by Storz and Bickel!

Features and Specifications:

Design and Overview



-Heater / Chamber

-Mouthpiece / Cooling Unit

-Controls / Battery


-Operation / Usage

-Vapor Quality / Production

-Cleaning / Maintenance








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