Sidekick Vaporizer Review



7th Floor Vapes is creating quite a “stir” in the vape world with their new portable, The Sidekick, an awesome and innovative dual use vaporizer. This American Company is known for their bomb proof, innovative, dependable and powerful vapes  but they are also create amazing hand blown glass products; vape accessories, bubblers, glasses, jars, jewelry and mouthpieces etc. The Sidekick is my first 7th Floor Vape and I am impressed.

Features and Specifications:

  • Digital Temperature Control with 21 Heat Settings (100°-455°F)
  • Metal top with Stirring Mechanism
  • Vibration Notification
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing with Ergonomic Design
  • 18” Vortex Vapor Cooling Path
  • Hand-Blown Glass Mouthpiece
  • Large .25 Gram Capacity Chamber
  • Removable/Replaceable Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Conduction/Convection Hybrid Heating System
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber/Ceramic Encased Heating Element
  • LCD screen shows session time, heat setting, battery voltage and battery life
  • Completely removable vapor path that is sealed off from the electronics and battery
  • Right or Left handed design
  • Adjustable mouthpiece
  • Dual use: for Dry Material and Concentrates
  • 2000 hour heater guarantee
  • 7 minute auto shut-off

Design and Overview


_dsc0829-2When I first saw the Sidekick, I thought it looked great, certainly unique and interesting with bright colors, a “Vortex” cooling rod, glass mouthpieces and bubblers and even a stirring mechanism. Stir while you vape? I’m not gonna lie, I thought oh, you need to stir this vapes material, so it must not heat evenly or efficiently…. I was skeptical on the whole design but I decided to give it a shot with a pre-order discount and some amazing accessories. I’m really glad I gave the Sidekick a go and I am now a fan of the stir mechanism, not only because it helps heat your material evenly, which it can do without the mechanism but because it helps maintain the flavor and keeps your material from overheating between draws. This vaporizer is stoner-engineering at it’s best, a Vortex to cool the vapor! A stir mechanism! Glass mouthpieces! Things only someone with a HIGHER understanding can appreciate! A lot of thought and love went into the design of this vaporizer.


The Sidekick is one, if not the most solidly built portable vaporizers I have tried! I love it. I mean, it has a 2mm Anodized Aluminum Shell! That’s thick by the way. I’m so glad to sesidekick-haze-854e such a solid vaporizer and you know it’s made here in America! Add some custom hand blown glass accessories and mouthpieces to the mix and you truly have a top quality vape that you can feel. The finish on the Silver Sidekick is just amazing, it’s pearlescent, smooth and it really catches your eye. I also have a Black Sidekick which is still really nice, super smooth as well but the Silver just pops. The body has a nice curved shape, so not only does it fit pretty comfortable in your pocket but it’s also holds really well, left or right handed! I’m right handed but I switch it up and I don’t have a problem using the Stir Mechanism with either hand, it’s just in a good spot and feels nice. Everything is quite smooth and nothing sticks out to catch things on and even the buttons are metal! There is a little rattle to the device but it’s minor and it comes from the buttons that have a little wiggle room and I think the Vortex Spiral as well, inside where it has a little room for easy removal. Overall, a very solid vape and I think this is definitely one that will last and last.

-Heater / Chamber

vapes-for-reviews-1326-editSidekick is mainly a Conduction heated device and majority of the heating is via direct contact with the walls of the heated chamber but it is said that it also has some Convection heat to the mix. It’s a hybrid heating device, most similar to the Inhalater’s hybrid heating style. In both vapes, most of the heat and vaporization occurs from the Conduction heat coming from the walls of the chamber but the air is pulled in and around the outside of the heated walls of these chambers and thus adds heated air, Convection heat to your material. I think the Convection heat is pretty minimal in both devices but I think there definitely is some going on which adds to the overall experience. that being said, there is nothing wrong with good Conduction Heat and there are many benefits but Convection heat is still my preferred heat.

The Sidekick features a Ceramic chamber that is designed with air intake holes in the base and sealed on top with a custom Stainless Steel screen. It’s approximately 14mm in diameter and 14mm deep which can hold approximately a 1/4 gram of material. The sides are straight and the bottom is completely flat with 8 holes in the parameter for the air-intake. This chamber has a upper Silicone seal that has a slight angle to it, making loading slightly easier. The Silicone seal on my Silver edition was spot on but the seal on my Black Sidekick was slightly off, so part of the top of the Ceramic chamber is visible but it’s not a big deal and it’s still sealed all the way around. I would have liked if the chamber had a slight convex bottom or was slightly rounded instead of the heard edges, so unloading would be easier and maybe less material would fall through the holes. Also, a glass liner or coating would be nice like some of the Ceramic chambers out there, Boundless CFX, Flowermate, Odin etc., which offer easier cleaning, they are more non-stick and they don’t stain. I have been using my Sidekick for quite some time and I have noticed that it has stained slightly from the heat and herbs, especially on the left side where the vapor is pulled out of but I don’t think it affects the performance or taste at all and I even think it may kind of “season” the chamber, kind of like a Cast Iron pan, where they become bettervapes-for-reviews-1395 with use, become naturally non-stick and offers protection from deterioration. I have no problems to report with the Chamber thus far but I do wish they offered a screen or some type of different bottom because all of the stirring pushes a lot of debris through the bottom. Luckily they have thought of that and have a port that can be accessed by pulling out a Silicone plug, allowing you to clean underneath the chamber, otherwise I wouldn’t by this device without that feature. A little tray or pan would also be awesome, so you could just slide that out, dump it and be done instead of fishing around with pipe cleaners trying to get everything.

Apparently, 7th Floor was the first to use a ceramic heater in their desktop units, so they know ceramic heaters. There Element is 100% incased in the Ceramic, which prevents Oxidation, the main cause of heater failures due to air exposure but not the Sidekick. 7th Floor offers a 2000 hour heater guarantee! If you take a flashlight and shine it through the air-intake holes on the side of the chamber just right, you can see the outline of the Element inside the chamber. I have noticed nothing but even heating with the Sidekick but I will expand on that in the Vaporization / Usage section below.

-Mouthpiece / Vapor Path

_dsc0053-8Another interesting area of the Sidekick, the mouthpiece and the vapor paths. First of all, 7th Floor offers custom, hand blown glass mouthpieces and bubblers by their in-house blowers who specialize in artisan borosilicate glass pieces that add style, performance and purity to the vaping experience. 7th Floor also offers Foreign Artisan glass bubblers that are also very nice but at a more affordable price. I have picked up a few pieces; a Elev8 custom bubbler with Unobtanium / Cobalt blue, a Elev8 custom mouthpiece with Unobtanium / Cobalt Blue and a 90 Degree angled custom mouthpiece but they only offer 180 and 120 Degree angle mouthpiece now for use with bubblers / water pipes etc. I really love my angled mouthpiece for a more laid back draw and the Cobalt Blue mouthpiece is gorgeous with swirls of Blue Cobalt and Unobtanium. The bubbler is also insane and takes vaping to a higher, smoother level and it works great but it is a little difficult to clean and be careful, if your Sidekick tips over, especially with the bubbler or your mouthpiece extended, it will likely break.

Not only does the Sidekick offer custom glass mouthpieces but they are also adjustable and retractable for carrying. Keep it short of extend it out for even smoother vaping, either way your going to get some cool, smooth and pure vapor. During the first few uses you will need to apply some Coconut Oil to the Silicone seal that holds the mouthpieces in place for easier, smoother adjustment. They include a small amount of Coconut Oil with every purchase and mine has gotten smoother and easier with every use, so I haven’t had to apply any more oil, even after a couple of through cleanings.

sidekick-haze-870-editSidekick features a loooonnnngggg vapor path up to 18 inches with the Vortex Spiral! Way longer than any other vaporizer that I know of, including the Plenty, which is probably the second longest. Not only is the vapor path long for extra vapor cooling effectiveness but it also features a Stainless Steel Vortex Spiral that spirals your vapor into smooth, Rocky Mountain air freshness. A long vapor path is awesome but it’s also a pain to clean but definitely more awesome. The Sidekick’s vapor path is broken up into 3 or 4 main parts; The air intake / chamber / Stir Lid, the Vortex Spiral path, a Silicone / Stainless Steel connector and finally the mouthpiece / tube path. All of which can be completely removed and cleaned! So air enters through a series of 8 holes on the body, beside the heater which gains heat as it goes around and up through the 8 holes in the chamber, through your herb, through the Stainless Steel screen of the Stir Lid, along a sandwich of Stainless Steel of the Stir Lid and down into the 2nd path. The 2nd path goes from the top of the unit, through a tiny Silicone section and into the Vortex, which is housed inside a Brass tube or choose to take the Vortex out but it adds 7 more inches of vapor path and then into the 3rd path. The 3rd path is a Silicone U-shape connector with a Stainless Steel bottom, which connects the Vortex path to the mouthpiece path. Finally the vapor leaves the Silicone U and enters another tube, I believe a Stainless Steel tube where the mouthpiece sits inside and the vapor exits through. Altogether a long a crazy ride from air intake to vapor exit but it’s an important path that really does an amazing job cooling the vapor and allowing it to expand. Some prefer a short path, it may produce more potent vapor and some may prefer a longer path for smoother, more filtered vapor but it also may be less potent. I have not noticed if the vapor is less potent with the Sidekick but it is smooth and the effects are definitely there. You can choose to also remove the Vortex altogether for a slightly less restricted draw and for some reason, I have noticed that the flavor seems to be somewhat better without the Vortex. For the absolute coolest, smoothest draw, take the Vortex out, pop it in the freezer, get your bubbler in there too and then pull them out when their both good and cold, add your cold water and prepare for some amazingly cool and comfortable vapor. I am skeptical about whether the vapor actually follows the Vortex path, spiraling all the way down or does the vapor just pass down the side of the Vortex, along the tube? The Vortex doesn’t have a super tight fit, especially around the spirals, so I think the vapor could more easily by-pass the spiral and just go straight down. Either way, the Vortex adds some filtering action but I will try to come up with a test for the spiral action of the Vortex.vapes-for-reviews-1095-edit

-Stir Top

vapes-for-reviews-1368-editStir your herbs while you vape? What? Yeah, you can do that with the Sidekick! At first I thought it was a gimmick,

“Oh, you need to stir the herbs?! Must mean it doesn’t heat evenly then.”

I almost didn’t buy this vape because it’s another mostly Conduction device and you need to stir it. I gave it a shot and I really like it now. I actually had taken my screen and stir handle off of my Stir Lid one day because I was using the Concentrate Can and forgot to put it back on, packed a chamber with herb, proceeded to stir and vape like I normally do, not knowing that I wasn’t stirring anything at all and after the session, everything was still nicely and evenly heated, just like when actually using the Stir Lid. For me, the Stir Lid system is more about flavor than even heat, sure the Sidekick already heats even enough without the stir lid but it heats even better with it and it allows you to keep that herb moving, which is so important to keep that herb from overheating, loosing all the active ingredients but it also makes sure you hit and heat every piece of herb for more flavor that lasts mush longer than other plain old Conduction vapes. I really love the Stir Lid, it’s functional and fun. I will say that it’s a little clunky and when things get dirty or you pack a chamber to tight, it can be a little hard to stir, especially at first but the heat will eventually free up that sticky icky and it will be free stirring again.

I am glad they continued using metal for the Stir Lid, instead of plastic because it does feels nice and durable. The gears run smoothly most of the time and I can easily stir with either hand. There is a nub on one end and 2 magnets on the other that hold the Stir Lid in place. You must rotate the stir handle so it’s closet to the nub and tip the unit into the hole of the Sidekick until you feel the magnets pull and it should fall into place rather smoothly. They have included a white dot on the gear so when that’s visible, the stir handle is in the optimal position for placing and removing the Stir Lid from the Sidekick. I would have preferred if the Stir Lid could just be lowered directly down instead of having to tip it and line up the stirrer because it can be a little difficult but it works and stays in place.vapes-for-reviews-1314

The bottom of the Stir Lid features a Stainless Steel “dish” that channels the vapor into the Vortex path and it’s easily to keep clean and tastes great, no metal or off tastes. It appears that you can remove this S.S. “dish” by unscrewing another Philips screw, after you have taken off the screen and Stir Handle but I haven’t tried this yet. It may allow you to further clean that assembly and keep those gears running smoothly. The finish on one of my Stir Lids has chipped off a bit so the raw Aluminum is visible underneath but not really an issue unless it all starts chipping off.

-Controls / LCD

vapes-for-reviews-1391-editSidekicks has 3 simple buttons to control the device; Power / Heat, Up and Down Arrows. The buttons are metal and have a great click so you know your hitting the button. Hold the power button to turn the device on and use your Up and Down Arrows to select your level and then hit the Power button once to start heating. I’m not a fan of the 5 clicks to power on a device, so I’m glad you just have to hold the power instead. The timer will start counting once the device starts heating and it will vibrate twice, letting you know its ready to use. The timer is nice feature and I like to know how long it took to heat up and how long my session lasted.

The LCD also shows your current battery voltage in real time and the battery level as well as your temperature setting. The LCD is crisp and clear and its easy to read.  The LCD shows the Sidekick Logo upon powering up the unit and they include a message when powering down: “Ride the Wave 7th Floor LLC.” I’m glad they changed the LCD readout to Vertical because before you had to have the device sideways to read the LCD properly.


2 removable / replaceable 18350 batteries power the Sidekick. The batteries are stored insidekick-haze-857 the bottom of the unit, inside a plastic shell that is directly below the chamber. They are accessed underneath yet another metal part, the battery door. The battery door is nice and has a good latching system which stays shut. Opposite side of the battery door latch is a small plastic notch that the battery door hooks into and its quite thin. I can easily see this piece breaking at which point you will have to find another way to hold your battery door in place. Mine has held up fine but I am typically careful with all of my vapes.

(2x) 18350 batteries typically provide enough juice for me to get around 4-5 sessions, lasting around  4-5 minutes at level 4.5 on the first run Sidekicks and on 5.5 on the Second run Sidekicks. I am happy with the battery life and it’s quite comparable to other vapes, plus they include an extra set, so I always have another set charged and ready to go. I typically swap out batteries when I see the voltage is 7.2 or lower because odds are, you will get up to temperature starting with that Voltage but you probably won’t finish your session. They recommend keeping battery sets together and drain / charge the same batteries as sets which promotes good battery life. 7th Floor includes colored stickers, so you can label and keep track of your battery sets. The Sidekick padded case is so nice and holds 3 extra sets, 6 spare batteries total.

The included charger; “Soda,” is a nice external charger that also charges many different battery sizes : 10440, 14650, 16650, 18350, 14500, 16340, 17670, 18490, 18500 and 18650 batteries. The charger features 2 LED’s that indicate when your battery is fully charged and will turn from Red to Green. I have found that these batteries typically charge very quickly, less than 2 hours easily. Unfortunately, the Sidekick does not feature a charging port to charge the device with the batteries installed and sue it while it’s charging. I thought that would be a great addition and it would save you from having to take the batteries out every time you wanted to charge them but it does keep you rotating the battery sets more that way and if you have at least 2 sets, you can always have the other set charged, ready to go.


-Operation / Usage

The Sidekick is as easy as any device and you can be vaping within a few simple steps:

  1. Remove Stir Lid, grind material and load chamber. If your using the Concentrate Can, remove the screen and Stir Arm from the Lid with the included screwdriver. Make sure Concentrate Can’s Silicone Lid has the 3 holes facing the mouthpiece.
  2. Replace the Lid. and adjust mouthpiece
  3. Power on device by holding power button for a few seconds and use the Up or Down buttons to select your level.
  4. Hit the power button to start heating the chamber and I recommend stirring whenever the heat is on and your not taking a draw.
  5. Sidekick will vibrate, letting you know the device is heated and ready to use
  6. Inhale: I recommend steady, slow inhalations.

_dsc0013-6I really enjoy using the Sidekick, it’s fun, easy and effective. Loading the device is easy but it’s also easy to get herb all over the top of the device and into the Vortex Vapor Path if your not careful but I made a screen “plug” that fits into that hole, preventing any debris to enter that vapor path. I recommend grinding your herb medium or fine, but constantly so there aren’t any big chucks, so everything gets heated at the same rate. I like to fill the chamber to the bottom of the Silicone Seal around the chamber and keep it loose. I found that filling the chamber to much or packing to tight can make it hard to replace the Stir Lid on top and can make stirring harder. Also, if you over pack, I have found that some herb likes to stick to the top of the Stir Arm so often it remains in-vaped because it hasn’t had a chance to come in contact with the heated walls. This chamber is also good with small amounts and that Stir Lid makes sure your heating every piece. I have noticed that with smaller amounts, my ABV is usually darker than it would be if it was a fuller chamber, so sometimes I’ll turn down the heat a little to compensate.

The LCD display is crisp and easy to read and provides all the necessary information. I also really like that they included a battery voltage meter so you can tell what your battery is at before you vape, in addition to the battery level indicator and I typically won’t try to start a session if the voltage is at or below 7.2V because your probably not going to be able to finish the session if your battery is that low. The timer is great and I’m always curious to see how long my sessions last and its a great way to keep track of battery life, so you can predict how many sessions you’ll get or have left. One thing that I wish they changed on the LCD is the heat levels from 1-11 and it would be so much easier if they just provided the temps instead of having to look up what temperature level 4.5 is and so on but it’s all the same wither way.vapes-for-reviews-1021

The Device never seems to get hot or uncomfortable and it holds equally well in either hand. I was worried that the Stir Mechanism may be easier to use with one hand or the other, potentially making it difficult for left handed people or right handed people, but I find it works and is comfortable in both hands. I think the Stir Mechanism could be improved somewhat as it does get sticky with use and sometimes its not very smooth and requires a little thumb muscle. Overall, I really enjoy the stirring action, it provides even heat and full flavor but others may find it to be an annoyance to stir their herb. The curve of the body is ergonomic but the smooth surface and heavy weight can contribute to some drops if your not careful. the draw is very nice, not restricted at all, even with the Vortex in place but the draw can be even less restricted by removing the Vortex.

Unloading the Sidekick is ok but the Silicone Seal around the chamber likes to collect debris from your material but a good brush is enough to get it all. The chamber remains relatively clean and most stuff doesn’t stick and falls right out, especially if the unit is still warm. I also recommend taking the Stir Lid off while the device is off but still warm, so you can easily brush off debris off the screen otherwise if it cools, its much harder to brush off and if it builds up, it gets hard to stir so I recommend keeping it as clean as possible for easier stirring.

-Vapor Quality / Production

vapes-for-reviews-1315-editI prefer to use my “First Run” Sidekick on levels 4 – 5.5 ( 330F – 357F ) or around 5 – 6.5 (320F – 365F ) on the “Second Run” Sidekicks, which have a slightly different temperature range. I found the relatively lower levels produced better tasting vapor for longer and yet still provide rich, fully browned ABV. I typically start my vape at lower temps to savor the flavor and then turn them up later for the effect, after the flavor has fallen off. I thought the temps on the Sidekick seemed fairly consistent with my other conduction vapes and produced similar colored ABV but maybe ran slightly hotter than my other vapes. My sessions typically last around 5 minutes with the Sidekick and I find that the materail is mostly spent by then but sessions with concentrates can last quite a bit longer and a little goes a long way. The dry material ABV is always uniform and evenly heated, thanks to the Stirring Mechanism and you can be assured that the Sidekick will extract all the necessary active ingredients of your herbs. The Sidekick can definitely roast your herb to the point of near combustion, so if your someone who prefers a thicker vapor, the Sidekick can provide it but it can also produce, light refreshing vapor with full flavor and a mild effect if that’s what your after.

The Sidekick can dish out the vapor, no doubt about it and with the long vapor path and the Cooling Vortex, your going to get smooth, comfortable vapor. One thing that sets the Sidekick apart from other vapes is it’s incredibly long vapor path and you notice it in the vapor quality. Some may say a longer vapor path is bad because it gives the vapor too much room to cool and can loose potency but on the other hand it provides the room needed to cool the vapor, making it smooth and comfortable. This is why the Crafty and Mighty are on the top of my list because they have the power to heat your herb perfectly but they are also equipped with Cooling Mouthpieces that do an amazing job cooling the vapor, so it comfortable and tasty. I for one, like the long vapor path and love the smooth cool vapor. The long vapor path produces comfortable vapor but I think it may take away from the taste just a bit because some of it seems to get “lost” along the way and I can sometimes taste the Vortex and the Silicone Connector piece that adds a slightly off taste to the vapor but its not nearly enough to cover up what the herbs really taste like. The taste of the vapor from the Sidekick is great but I wouldn’t say its as great as the Crafty, or the Grasshopper but its definitely a contender for a mostly conduction vape, I just prefer the taste from convection vapes more so. _dsc0026-6

Some vapes have restricted draws but the Sidekick has a pretty free-flowing, easy draw so that also gives you some freedom to draw fast and get less vapor or draw slower and get slightly denser vapor. If you want even less draw resistance, just take out the Vortex and it drops the draw resistance to basically to zero. I can’t stand vapes that have a restricted draw that practically make you blue from trying to inhale but not with the Sidekick.

Not only does the Sidekick vaporizer dry herbs but it’s also amazing with concentrates! I don’t like that you have to take off the stir arm to use the concentrate Can but it’s really not hard to do and the Can does a great job keeping the material in its place. I found that I get good vapor on level 7 or higher with concentrates and the flavor is incredible, the vapor is smooth and you can save it for later by leaving what’s left inside the Can. If you want to keep things clean, sometimes I’ll take off the Silicone Can Lid right after a session while the chamber is still hot and run a q-tip around the Can to easily clean up the residue and it will be good to go next time. Add the Bubbler for using concentrates and you’ll be amazed at the smoothness of the vapor!

Cleaning / Maintenance

Overall, the Sidekick has one of the more intensive cleaning processes of any of my vapes thanks to it’s many parts and long vapor path but luckily 7th Floor allows users access to every part and piece, so you can get your Sidekick like new clean again and again. The Sidekick isn’t really difficult to clean but there is a lot to clean, although you can soak most parts in Alcohol which basically does the cleaning for you. You can really go a long time without deep cleaning the Sidekick if you just clean the top and Stir Mechanism once and a while to keep things turning smoothly and the rest can go quite awhile without needing a cleaning. Also, If you take a brush after each session, especially while the device is still warm, you can minimize how often you have to deep clean your Sidekick and it also keeps the Stir Mechanism from getting as sticky and hard to turn. Sometimes the Stir Mechanism is sticky at first when the device is cold but as your device heats up for your session, the heat will loosen up the stickiness and it will get easier to turn during your session.vapes-for-reviews-1111

When it comes time for deep cleaning, I recommend doing it immediately after a session, otherwise the vapor path tubes, the Vortex etc. will be stickier / harder to remove when their cold. I typically just brush my chamber out while its warm and that’s about as far as I take the chamber because it’s ceramic and it’s porous, so I don’t like using Alcohol. I have noticed that the chamber has become brownish from use and actually brushes out easier now than it did because the heat and herbs have “seasoned” the chamber, almost making it seem somewhat non-stick. Next, I use alcohol to clean the Stainless Steel top of the device with a q-tip and it cleans up easily. The Vortex comes out next and even the metal tubes inside the Sidekick can come out as well, so you can soak those in Alcohol with the Vortex and the Mouthpiece or choose to brush the tubes out while their in the device but I found soaking them to be far more effective and less messy. I also throw the Stir Arm and Screen in with the Vortex and tubes to soak those as well when it’s really bad. In between cleans, I’ll use a q-tip with alcohol to “touch up” the screen which keeps the Stir action smooth and less sticky. The top of the Stir Mechanism cleans easily with Alcohol and another q-tip, so you don’t need to disassemble the entire thing and I never have had to. The Silicone Connector piece is easy and the bottom of it comes out so you can soak that with the other metal piece if you want but it usually doesn’t get dirty and I just wipe out Silicone with Alcohol and rinse with water. I don’t soak any Silicone or plastic in Alcohol because it can slowly degrade these materials, making them brittle and more susceptible to damage, so you want to be careful and if you do soak them, do it for a short amount of time, never overnight. I hope 7th Floor releases more of these Silicone Connectors for purchase because I would like to have some back-ups to pop in just in case or to replace the originals that may not last forever or better yet, make them metal or glass because I think the Silicone has a slight taste to it. After all the metal pieces and the Mouthpiece has had enough time to soak, I usually just rinse them with hot water and dry them and their good as new but sometimes they require a little scrubbing. After all your pieces are clean and dry, reassemble the Sidekick and you’ll be good to go except for one small area. Just below the chamber is a little nook with a Silicone door that opens up to reveal the underside of the chamber where all the dust and debris collect from falling throw the chamber holes. I’m so glad 7th Floor thought of this because with the Stirring action of this device, you push a lot of material through those holes, so every now and then it’s good to clean them out or risk it building up and interfering with the air flow / intake. I usually just take the Marble Pick and pick out all the bits I can then take a small pipe cleaner with Alcohol and wipe the rest of it away until it’s debris free. You can take a flashlight and shine it down through the chamber holes to see if you got everything and after all that, the Sidekick is as good as new. I would have liked to see a small tray that you could pull out from this nook instead, so you don’t have to try and scrap everything out but it’s there and that’s the point.  It’s quite a process but the parts clean easily and you don’t need to do it that often but the point is that you can keep your Sidekick tasting and working as good as the day you got it and I will not buy a vape that you can not completely clean.vapes-for-reviews-1108


  • Well built and made in the USA! Solid / safe materials and innovative design
  • Dual use: Works great with dry materials as well as concentrates
  • Decent battery life and fast heat up
  • Full temperature range with 21 different temperature points
  • Haptic Feedback ( vibrates when it’s reached set temp )
  • Long vapor path! 11 inches to nearly 18 inches with the added spiral if the Vortex!Glass, Stainless Steel and Silicone make up the pathway
  • Custom hand blown glass parts with after market artisan pieces. Mouthpieces, Bubblers, angled mouthpieces for use with water pipes.
  • Ceramic Oven with 2000 hour heater guarantee.
  • Stir your material while you vape. Keeps flavor fresher for longer and offers even heating
  • Low draw resistance
  • Removable batteries


  • Heavy, larger size
  • Long vapor path with many pieces makes cleaning a long process
  • Must take screen off Stir Mechanism to use the Concentrate Can
  • Fragile Glass pieces
  • Vortex could be tighter, so vapor follows spiral path better instead of some passing down the side of it
  • Cannot use the device plugged in
  • Lack of temperature indicator
  • Fairly high price for a mostly conduction device


I love the Sidekick from 7th Floor and it’s clear that this vape was a labor of love. Lots of innovative features makes this device unique and effective. Has the longest vapor path of any portable vape by far and features a Spiraling Vortex the further cools the vapor into smooth, inhalable clouds. Cool Stir Mechanism provides even heat and better flavor for longer than most other conduction vapes and it’s durable design feels reliable and dependable. I wish the Sidekick was a little smaller and lighter but overall, it’s a great vape that most people could use easily. The many parts and pieces may be difficult for some people and it’s slightly more complicated to use than other portables although it’s not hard to get good vapor. If your looking for a bullet-proof portable that does everything, has super smooth vapor and don’t mind stirring your material, then the Sidekick can’t be beat!_dsc0830-2



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